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I am a scholar with professional experience in another field. Besides working in multiple disciplines, I also tend to feel at ease with a certain degree border-crossing and less content with tightly-defined identities, communities and language. Still, I am not quite the vagabond or wanderer, and glad to be settled down with family.

Since this blog is a creative outlet for me, forgive me when it steers off into my private language and obscure sense of humor. Something happened long ago, and I get a kick out of being deadly serious.

As Naomi Chana of says: "Most of this is common sense: don't quote me without attribution, don't take me too seriously (I mean, heck, I'm hiding behind a flimsy secret identity), don't announce anything in the comments that either of us would be embarrassed to read later. Don't bear false witness or -- oops, I think I'm getting my lists confused, but that one still holds."

Please refer to me here by this fitting pseudonym,

Kaspit כספית


Environmental, health and safety policy. Technology and business. Jewish thought, rabbinic texts, Judaism and religion.