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May 26, 2005



Just found my way here and am enjoying poking through your archives. Wanted to stick my head in and say hello.

Hello. :-)


It's wonderful that someone is paying attention to Jews and the environment. One of the theories about why Js have so many genetic, life-reducing flaws is that brilliance was more important than longevity in our evolution. Hence our choice to live in Lakewood, Queens and Passaic. [Not sure if that theory works given that Israeli males live, on average, longer than almost any others in the world. Although, cf., Israeli females live shorter than almost any others in the Western world.]

If you are listing environmental groups to watch, then the Israel Union for Environmental Defense does the best work in making Israel a livable place. Its US affiliate is Friends of Israel's Environment.


Viva, thanks muchly. I think it's fine for us to live in urban settings, we just need to contribute to cleaning them up.

You are absolutely right about IUED aka Adam Teva v'Din. The IUED is on the sidebar blogrool, under "Environment...".

More suggestions welcome!


This web-site is the coolest! Now I dont have to feel so intimated by science! Youre a genius! I think Ill visit this site often.

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