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May 26, 2005



It will take some time to absorb this. I like the Hg motif, with its broad allusionary possibilities.
I note that the initial entries in the blog center around some important milestones.
May 25: Towel day From h2g2 [Fans suggested that a day be declared Towel Day in his honour, and 25 May was chosen, fairly arbitrarily.]

And May 26th.Which this year as in some past years coincides with Parshat Bekhukotai. now why would that be of significance ?????.

Kaspit כספית

Parshat Bekhukotai is transitional: the final stages of Leviticus (26:3-27:34) prior to the wanderings of Numbers (its Hebrew title: "in the wilderness"). So here we are crossing the border from the giving of the laws (Exodus-Lev.), including the Levitical laws of ritual and moral pollution*, to the quotidian movements of a human encampment. From Sinai back down to earth. From revelation to history (and we know how Jews are absorbed in historiography, eh?!). From the theory to the practice of toxicality.

Furthermore, Bekhukotai is largely precautionary: if you ignore the laws, you will experience earthy curses. (eg 26:29) Your air and land will be metallicized (26:19).

Still, the parshah (weekly reading) ends with a fundraising appeal: donate land, donate animals, and, fittingly, in line with an age- & gender-based [~tax?] table, donate kesef i.e. silver (albeit not kaspit, yours truly... K)

PS the reading from the Prophets, Jer 32, includes both the precautionary aspect (e.g., he who amasses wealth ... will be proved a fool) and a prospect: whoever trusts in ha-Shem "shall be like a tree planted by the waters, sending its roots by a stream...."

* See Klawans, Impurity and sin in ancient Israel.

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