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June 28, 2005



Welcome and let me know if you'll be supporting my legal defense fund!



well, is an appeal planned? some states forbid public takings for private use -- are you located in one of them or would you be if you changed hosts or moved offshore? the daf comments were/are nice, but my knowledge is very limited. is there actually a good english translation of the whole talmid? in a way, the whole page a day deal makes no sense at all (at least for any in depth study). but on the other hand, i do try to go through the torah every year. your joint daf blog be understandable if i knew more.


Eliyahu, terrific idea about moving my site offshore! But then, would we lose a chance at a precedent in both intellectual property and constitutional law? Do libertarians run or fight?
Kol tuv,

PS For English translation, Soncino link on the side -->
and, in print, the Artscroll series is a bestseller and I use it.

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