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July 21, 2005


The Dentist Formerly Known As Ron

Hi Kaspit.
You probably meant mercury exposure in your final sentence, but you could have meant pulp exposure and it would have made sense in the context you were using it: removing a filling always involves removing some additional tooth structure which could expose the pulp chamber, which would then usually necessitate treating the root canal and getting a crown done as well. That's another argument for leaving the amalgam filling in place if nothing is wrong with it.

I basically agree with your conclusion, but I've seen a lot of leaking composite resin fillings that wouldn't have leaked if they had been amalgam fillings in the first place. Sometimes amalgam is just the best material: For instance, if the filling goes below the gumline, or if the treatment after the filling is going to be a crown. A lot of R and D going on right now to invent materials that could perform as well as amalgam even in those situations (mostly these are new kinds of rein reinforced glass ionomers that are already in wide use).

Thanks for the interesting talmudic tidbits!

Your biggest fan forever,


Yeah, I've seen some of that removing --> removing process (too) close-up. It's great to hear from you, Ron, and thanks for making 'exposure' serve as a double entendre. Oh, here's another tidbit: OED:
c1640 J. SMYTH: "A tyd bit, i.e. a speciall morsell reserved to eat at last." In other words, the afikomen!

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