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July 21, 2005


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg)

If i remember correctly, Seifer Hahhinukh says that forbidden kishuf is defined by the fact that it's harmful.

Btw, the cure for bones stuck in the throat makes non-magical sense. You put a similar bone on your head since in order to keep it balanced, you have to tilt your head back slightly, opening up the throat more, and then you recite an 'incantation' full of the pharyngeal sounds hhet and ‘ayin. According to a Teach Yourself Arabic book i read, ‘ayin is produced with some of the same muscles used during regurgitation.


Steg, just starting glancing at Sefer ha-Hinukh and got pulled away. I suppose that harmful is a necessary but not sufficient way to define the issur [prohibition]. But from a Jewish-Muggle hashqafah/worldview, much of the "good" HP magic may seem harmful. Hard to evaluate speaking w/snakes and odd creatures, changing forms, fortune-telling, mind-reading, etc. Lot of halakhic analytical work awaits some enterprising blogger-poseq. Plus, I still don't have a handle on the spirit (or demonic?) underpinning of all this wizardry, do you?

Throat cure... another reason the Ashkenazi shouldn't have given up the 'ayin sound. Thanks!

No deposit

I loved this article!!! Thanks!

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