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July 25, 2005


Jeff at sustainablog

Kaspit -- this is a really interesting comparison, and I think using religious practices as metaphors for more secular concerns (though I often wonder why environmental protection isn't more of a religious concern, since so many religions hold to some form of belief that God created the earth) can spur more interest in environmental protection and sustainable development. I'm a little confused on the parallel with Talmudic law (likely a function of my ignorance of the topic) -- are you saying that the Talmudic concept relies on a moral/spritual notion of synergy? I think that makes sense, and the same thing could be said for some Christian views of sin...


"Are you saying that the Talmudic concept relies on a moral/spritual notion of synergy?"

Jeff, I'd say that Talmudic Rabbis closely analyze the synergy (interplay) of sin-criteria in different classification schemes, and they calculate the liability implications. Enviro regs tend to classification schemes that ignore synergy between toxins. I'd think that enviro regulators should consider other classification schemes that would (spur and) use synergy data.

Zoe Strickman

I've changed my mind... I ***REALLY*** like your site! Wow!

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