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July 26, 2005


Zoe Strickman

Good post! I'm finding your site literally informative and useful as a reference for fun Torah learning. Would you agree?


preuss was a hard-core 'torah im derech eretz-nik', whose work falls into that grey area between academic and religious works.
as my chavrusa and i found out (this goes back a while), he's very helpful when trying to understand Chazal's assumptions about human anatomy while learning hilchos niddah.


Ok. If you're suggesting there is a non-critical side to his work, then I see it, for instance, in some of the Mispat 'Ivri writings. Who else would you say falls into that grey area today?

Per EJ, the Biblisch-talmudische Medizin of Julius Preuss (1861-1913) is “a model of scholarly research and presentation and has become a classic reference work.” EJ has more bibliographic info; here is list from the old JE:

Preuss, Julius. Der Arzt in Bibel und Talmud, in Virchow's Archiv, vol. cxxxviii. 261;

idem, Materialien zur Geschichte der Alten Medizin: die Organe der Bauchhöhle nach Bibel und Talmud, in Allgemeine Medizinische Central-Zeitschrift, 1898, pp. 489, 502, 514, 526;

idem, Die Erkrankungen der Haut, ib. 1903, pp. 431, 455, 474;

idem, Der Tote und Seine Bestattung, ib. 1901, Nos. 25, 26, 27;

idem, Die Männliche Genitalien und Ihre Krankheiten nach Bibel und Talmud, in Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift, 1898, pp. 570, 618, 662, 709, 1194, 1239;

idem, Biblisch-Talmudische Pathologie und Therapie, in Zeit. für. Medizin, xlv. 457;

idem, Chirurgisches in Bibel und Talmud, in Deutsche Zeit. für Chirurgie, lix. 507.


Today? Mordechai Breuer.
He comes by it honestly, though.
Some of the old AOJS stuff from the 70s, the Sridei Eish's linguistic research.
I'm not sure if it's non-critical per se, just that it doesn't share the biases of 'objective' research. For some good reflection on this, R' Shalom Carmy and MJ Berstein had an exchange of essays in the first few vols of TuM Journal, and in an Orthodox Forum volume on Traditional Judaism and Academic Research or somesuch. Carmy's article is entitled "A Room with a View, but a Room of our Own".


Thanks. Here is link for readers to Rabbi Carmy's article, a site w/related materials. Here's an article on Mordechai Breuer and biblical criticism.

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