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August 26, 2005


You fail to consider that R Moshe knew that you can't asser smoking for all the reasons the others give but just gave doshu bo rabim as shorthand for all this, because it was available and true at the time. It is very hard to make a serious halachic case to ban smoking. The others who are matir are making r moshe's reasoning explicit.

IOW R Moshe by giving doshu bo rabim was being politically correct. His tshuva is aiming to maximize the claims of peopel who'd try to get people not to smoke in future while being matir. You have to read tshuvas with an eye to the subtext and tone.

This overliteralization (he said "make it ossur" for new smokers! so that's a contradiction! he must have held it's ossur~!) is a breakdown of sense, something that happens sometimes over the course of generations (see mimetic vs textual traditions) But is happening waaaaaay too fast today because students are not grasping the mindset and language and context in which piskei tshuva are written.


If you're saying that in 1963 Reb Moshe gave a shorthand response and had other reasons not to forbid (asser) smoking, I agree. But by 1981, don't you sense that he is moving closer to an issur by the end of the responsum?

Why do you think it's "very hard to make a serious halachic case to ban smoking"? Even R. Bleich, who defended Reb Moshe's position vigorously, recently (2003) indicated clearly that the conditions are in place for an issur. Several notable rabbis have made this case about two decades before.

(Not sure whose/which items in this post you're reacting to.)

Good point about reading in context. Of course, subtext and tone require interpretation, which is what we're engaged in. Thanks for all your comments,



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